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After standing out of the harbor at Maui, JOHNSTON steamed in company of Task Unit 53 for KWAJALEIN ATOLL , Marshall Islands for the purpose of bombardment and capture.

At 0645 on 31 January 1944, JOHNSTON commenced to fire upon the enemy for the first time in her short life. Ivan Island was the target and after the scheduled firing was complete, JOHNSTON assumed various patrol assignments.

FEBURARY 1, 1944

825 JOHNSTON passed through Mella Pass into Kwajalein Lagoon and proceeded to her firing station in support of the landings on the Island of Namur. JOHNSTON fired for a period of time and then hoisted anchor in order to move to a closer vantage point , dropped anchor 2000 yards off the Island of Namur and resumed scheduled firing.

Upon securing the capture of Kwajalein Atoll, JOHNSTON performed other assignments in and around Kwajalein until assigned to proceed to an area south of the equator in company of TU 53.133 as a screen vessel for a group of Transport Vessels, with a destination of Funafuti, Ellice Islands. At 2155 on 7 Februry 1944, JOHNSTON was detached from TU 51.133 and ordered independently to Majuro Atoll in the Marshall Isands.